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Buying Second Homes

If you are thinking about a second home, you should definitely consider the options available among the Central Coast/Pismo Beach homes for sale.  There are many reasons this area is perfect for second homes, both from a personal and financial standpoint.  But there can be some pitfalls too, if you aren’t properly prepared.  Some aspects of second home purchase are not the same as buying your primary residence and you may be unaware of all of them.

Determine the objective of the purchase first.  Is this a vacation home you and your family will share for holidays and family occasions, creating traditions and pleasant memories?  Then you only need to consider your family’s interests and requirements.

Maybe you want an investment for expected long term appreciation that can produce rental income in the meantime.   If so, you will need to find a home in a location that appeals to vacation or part time residents with the potential for increased value in the future.  Many homes along the Central Coast certainly fit that bill.

Is this a retirement home for you to live in permanently years down the road while it provides income and builds equity until then?  In that case you must think about how you will want to live in and maintain a home some years in the future.  And, you will want to choose a location your grown up family will love to visit.

There are homes in the Central Coast that suit each of these scenarios.  As a Central Coast real estate professional, I will help you weigh the facts of Pismo Beach second homes and Avila Beach vacation homes or San Luis Obispo income properties to determine which area is the right one to suit your needs.  I know our markets, amenities that potential renters in the areas are looking for and trends in resale values.  I can help you weigh the purchase price of the home against future rental income.

You may not be aware that some factors in financing, taxes and insurance can have different ramifications for you with a second home purchase.  I will help you review these elements to insure you make the best purchase decision among Central Coast homes for sale to suit your goals, your family and your finances.  Call me at 805-709-3297 or send an email below.  I would be happy to steer you through the critical aspects of this procedure to insure a successful result.

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