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Water Utilities

Much of the Central Coast is served by public city water and sewer systems.  Choosing Central Coast real estate in thre rural part of the area is highly desirable for the peaceful beauty, however, public water and sewer systems do not extend to these areas.  The properties have private or community water sources and septic systems.  Even if you have never lived in a home with these types of water systems, you will find that it isn’t a difficult transition.

If you live in an area developed by one builder, there may be a community well and water supply system to serve the area.  Fortunately, California is one of the states that have regulations and issues permits for community water systems built for 5 users or more. 

A state certified operator is required to manage and maintain the system once it is operational and to handle any repairs.  You will be billed for the water on a regular basis. You may wish to test the water quality before you finalize your home purchase.

One of the benefits of a private well is that there is no monthly water bill to pay.  Once the well is dug and water supplied to your property, the only costs is required maintenance.  An inspection of the well and a water quality test can assure you that the water system has been properly installed and is providing good water.

A septic system handles the removal of water and waste from your plumbing system when there is no public sewer in place.  California regulations cover the installation of the septic tank and drain field.  Periodic ongoing inspection by a licensed inspector is required of every homeowner.

Before your home purchase is finalized, you can have a water system professional complete an inspection of your system.  This company can also handle the periodic routine maintenance your system might require for efficient operation.  The maintenance plan will be determined based on the size of your system, the number of people using it and the amount of water flowing through.

If you are considering a home purchase, I have the information and local resources necessary to assist you with your purchase of Central Coast real estate.  Call me at 805-709-3297 or send an email below to get accurate information about all aspects of your home purchase. 

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